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List of Digital Books for Sale, Available for Sale to Society Members only.

Digital products are on CD or DVD (depending on size), in PDF format. A PDF reader will be required to read these files - one such is the (free, downloadable) Adobe PDF Reader.

Prices listed are for the products on a CD or DVD, postpaid anywhere. Products marked “Download available” may be downloaded for the indicated price less $5, however broadband internet capability will be required as many of these files are large!

The First Fifty Years of Mexicana 1952-2001 $35 DVD Only
The 6th Decade of Mexicana 2001-2011 $10 DVD Only
EPS Postal Stationery Catalog $35 Download Available
The Heitmann Handbook - "Mexico portion" $10 Download Available
The Pre-Stamp Postal Markings of Mexico - Yag/Bash (This digital version incorporates the Supplement, which was "cut and pasted" into the book before digitization.) $15 Download Available
1895-1899 Mail Transportation Issue–100th Anniversary Edition – 1995 $10.00 Download Available
The DeThuin CD by Stuart, Banchik and Stout. A set of digital images of Mexico counterfeits images, captured from a report prepared by James H. Beal for the American Philatelic Society $10.00 DVD Only
The Sunburst Registry Seals of Mexico by Nicholas Follansbee $7.50

CD - Download Available

The long awaited "Mexico's Proofs, Essays and Specimens , Volume One", by Joe Arce, is now available for members and non-members. For Information, contact the librarian at Order by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.

Members may purchase a download for $15, or a CD for $20. Non-Members are only able to purchase the CD version for $25. Postage is included in the cost.


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The above files may be requested by mail from: Tad Mackie, MEPSI Librarian 55 Logan Circle Strasburg, VA 22657-5266 , or may be ordered through the "add to cart" button.

Please make your check payable to: Mexico Elmhurst Philatelic Society, and include the titles you are requesting and your name and mailing address with your request.

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