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Many of the dealers are MEPSI members, and we try to show favoritism to our member dealers.  Many are very knowledgeable on the subject of Mexican stamps and postal history and exhibit a willingness to share this knowledge with their customers. You will find other, knowledgeable, collectors at our dealer tables. Introduce yourself.

Requests for additions or modifications to this section from dealers must fit within the format. We will not accept any requests for additional HTML. All listings must be the same for all dealers. If you change providers or email, send change requests to They will be placed into a "inbox" folder and will be addressed during some future revision cycle.

Bubba Bland Mexican classics
Email: Website:

Phone: 951 734 3166 eBay handle: oobubba
50 Regato

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-3003


Carmichael Todd

Email: Website:

Phone: 0044-(0)-1590-682683 eBay handle:

Fax: 0044-(0)-1590-681999

P.O. Box 111

Lymington, Hampshire

Hampshire S041 6ZJ


Castlerock Stamps Auctions Mexican stamps, wholesale, Latin American classics


Phone: +52 55 55676776  eBay handle: castlerock30
Fax: +52 55 85897818

pte 116 N 526-B Col. Industrial Vallejo
C.P. 02300 México

302 SW 7th St Apt 1

Miami, FL 33130

José Gilberto Chong Mexican stamps
Email: Website:

Phone: (525) 523 21 90 eBay handle:cigam9  
Amores #821

03100 México, D. F.


eTiangui (Enrique Sanchez Garcia) Mexican stamps and albums
Email: Website:
Phone: (52) 842 422 6243 eBay handle: e_tiangui
Calle Martin Torres # 37 bis

Zona Centro

27980 Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila


Nicholas Follansbee Mexican stamp auctions
Email: Website:
Phone: (541) 772-8871 eBay handle:

Fax: (541) 773-3964

P.O. Box 3210

Ashland, OR 97520

Fernando Perez-Maldonado Mexican stamps
Email: Website:
Phone: 52(81)8356-3704 eBay handle: Filamex
Mailing address:   Consignments:

Apartado Postal 2018

64000 Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Fernando Perez-Maldonado

c/o Ricardo Chapa

727 Sweetbrush

San Antonio, TX 78258

Office address:    

Ma. de los Angeles 101

Col. Jeronimo Siller

66250 San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L.,


Brian Moorhouse Latin-American classics
Email: Website:

eBay handle:

P.O. Box 105

Peterborough PE3 9TQ


Gregg Nelson Mexican stamps
Email: Website:
Phone: 1-800-609-5009 eBay handle: gnmexstmps
Fax: 707- 579-5007
P.O. Box 6382 Santa Rosa, CA 95406
Guy Shaw Latin-American stamps
Email: Website:
Phone/FAX: 858-485-8269 eBay handle:
P.O. Box 27138

San Diego, CA 92198

Martin Spuff Spufford Latin-American classics
Email: Website:

Phone: 64-9-8375577 eBay handle: spuffnstuff
P.O. Box 104050

Lincoln North Auckland New Zealand

Antonio M. Torres Latin-American classics
Email: Website:
Phone: (44) 207 240 9970 eBay handle:

Fax: (44) 207 266 4924

36 Southampton Street

Strand, London, WC2E 7HE

United Kingdom

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